Business Planning

Rhabe has devised an approach to support start up businesses overcome the initial mistakes that drive most start ups to Closure.  Our approach called “The Start Rite” follow a set of work flow for organizational planning, the model is a process created with consideration to the Nigerian business environment with unique challenges that make sustaining new business a daunting task. It recognizes the African terrain and its peculiarity with financial limitation and infrastructure challenge.

Our consultants will work with you to determine the ultimate and paramount reason for setting up your business.  In the first six months we hand hold in your business start up till you transition to operation. The process includes completing a business plan as well as defining action plan to execute the business plan. Our consultants play advisory role in the first six months of your operation.

From the seventh month a business health check evaluation is documented in a business assessment report with recommendation of corrective actions to maintain a healthy organization. The assessment is based on feedback from your customers, suppliers, staff and analysis of your financial reports including your governance framework.

Our Business Planning services cover the following areas

  • Business Plan Documentation
  • Defining your Mission
  • Formulating and Refining your vision
  • Defining your objectives
  • Understanding your market
  • Creating your marketing Strategy and Communications
  • Producing Marketing and Sales Plan
  • Identifying Distribution Channels
  • Managing Business Operation
  • Definition of Financial Management Process and Procedures
  • Personnel Management .. Read More