Project Management Continued

Our Project Management consulting services include:

  • Institute a structured approach for starting off a Project
  • Assist with your Project Definition and Project Charter documentation
  • Facilitate the delineation of the Scope of Work
  • Build work breakdown structure with the Project Team
  • Develop and maintain Project Schedule including provision of regular reports
  • Guide the Project Team in Risk Management and Response Planning
  • Ensure and support Quality Management Planning and Implementation
  • Perform vendor qualification reviews, audits and source inspections
  • Manage staffing and resource allocation
  • Supervise vendors and operators and maintenance staff during Testing Phase
  • Prepare and coordinate training for operators and maintenance staff
  • Negotiate contracts for purchasing new equipment, as well as spares or renewal parts
  • Conduct vendor and equipment negotiations as required
  • Supervise every aspect of the project to the smallest possible detail
  • Customize a targeted plan to keep your project on-track, on-time and on-budget
  • Manage changes occurring in the course of project execution process
  • Assess Company project management capability and recommend way forward