About Us

Rhabe venture Limited commenced business in 1998 as a business development and marketing company. Rhabe has diversified its business to developing and manufacturing its own product. In November 22nd 2002 Rhabe was incorporated as a liability company and we are known today as Rhabe Ventures Limited to retain our original identity. Our main focus in Rhabe Ventures Limited is to drive wealth creation and job creation harnessing indigenous natural resources and human capital development. We measure our success from the jobs we create directly and indirectly from our operation. Presently Rhabe is focused on three key areas consulting, agri-business and technology. Rhabe is producing easy to cook, ready to use wholesome food for healthy living and cooking convenience. Rhabe in agri-business is focused on processing and packaging indigenous food products for local consumption and export. It is designed to fill gaps in the farm produce supply chain to reduce waste during transition from remote farms to urban areas where food are consumed

All our products are designed with a goal to preserve our food culture and food system. We believe through innovation we will increase indigenous food consumption inside and outside Nigeria to reduce trade deficit and imbalance with other nations. In 2009 the federal government released figures on increasing net importation of food by Nigeria. It raised alarm on our inability to feed our population of 140million estimated in 1993 soaring to 160million presently. Local businesses were challenged to rise up and do something to end outflow of foreign exchange due to food import. It is 2017 and the narrative has not changed, Rhabe has been at the forefront of this call using our knowledge of our customers , our company is driving new product innovation to meet this demand.