Business Analysis

The business environment is competitive and dynamic, to adapt and thrive, organizations must define and deploy processes that promote effectiveness and efficiency.

Rhabe Business analysts support your company in engineering or re-engineering lean processes aligned to meeting your customer needs and organizational goals.  Our aim is always to optimize your resources to ensure your organizational potentials are harnessed. We support you institute internal controls that entrench traceability and accountability. We help your organization with managing changing business needs to compete in a global market.

With over a decade experience in analyzing and re-engineering processes in telecommunication, education, government, construction, engineering, utilities, Oil and Gas, we are engaged in various need analysis and problem definition projects to support small and medium sized companies thrive.

Our Business analysis services cover the following areas

  • Strategy analysis and development
  • Business process modeling
  • Process Reengineering and Optimization
  • Stakeholder analysis and management
  • Requirement Engineering
  • Business Case documentation
  • Financial Forecasting and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Problem definition and solution planning