Project Management

Every project have boundary conditions of time, cost and budget, most organizations have entrenched project management as part of their organizational governance framework.  In Rhabe, we support you with defining frameworks for managing projects and we also train your team to adapt. Where you organization does not have the resource to manage its own project, we have certified professionals who will manage your projects. We commence agreement on the boundary conditions that will impact our success on the project we embark on with you. We identify your deal breakers, from the outset of the project, to ensure your success factors are met on completion of the project.

Rhabe has well trained and PMI certified Project Managers who support in each of the areas we detailed above to ensure our business analysis or product development project are delivered on time, within budget with customer satisfaction. In addition, we also provide Project Management Support Service to organizations mainly in Infrastructure deployment.

We can commence with you from the conceptualization phase where you are still defining the project under our “start rite” model helping you avoid mistakes which are major causes of failed projects. We also direct your team with defining the objectives of the project ensuring key stakeholders are carried along particularly with setting and agreeing scope with major stakeholders. We then transform this into a business case from which detailed cost benefit analysis are performed to arrive at a decision to kick start a project. .  You can also invite us when the project is ready to commence to drive expedited execution and risk management

Rhabe Professionals also can support you with project evaluation to determine the stage in the project your work is.  We have in our start rite park, various work breakdown structures, for various industries, energy projects, road construction projects, housing projects that will support with determining which milestone your work is at. This is useful for agencies and organizations paying builders or real estate companies on milestone.

Our Project Management consulting services include

  • Institute a structured approach for starting off a Project
  • Assist with your Project Definition and Project Charter documentation
  • Facilitate the delineation of the Scope of Work
  • Build work breakdown structure with the Project Team
  • Develop and maintain Project Schedule including provision of regular reports
  • Guide the Project Team in Risk Management and Response Planning
  • Ensure and support Quality Management Planning and Implementation
  • Perform vendor qualification reviews, audits and source inspections. Read More